Everything You Need to Know About Google+, Part 3

      Everything You Need to Know About Google+, Part 3 is a part of the four-day series on Google+. To read part one, click here. And to read part two, click here.
      Today, I’ll be covering photos, games, and local. Read on, to continue learning everything you need to know about Google+!

      Just a few days ago, Google introduced Google Local, for Google+. Google local is where you can give your opinion of a restaurant, and also read other opinions. Although it just launched, Google local seems to have lots of reviews on local restaurants.

      I don’t know how they did it, but Google automatically knew my location. You still, however, might be able to disable this in your browser if you don’t like that tracking, but that’s off topic to explain how to do so.

      Here’s what Google local for Google+ looks like:

      This newly launched feature to Google+ seems easy to understand, and very helpful. It’s convenient, and not on Facebook.
      When clicking on a restaurant name and reviewing it, you can rate the food, the decor, and the service. Each can be from 0-3 points, meaning from poor to excellent. You can also optionally write down the cost per person, and about a paragraph review, like this:

      Each business has multiple photos, usually of some of the food they offer. You can upload your own photo to the list.

      You can also edit and suggest the details of the business. You can correct the name, location, phone, website, etc. But unless Google can detect that you’re the actual owner, these suggestions would not be edited directly, but again, just suggested.

      Other than that, Google local is pretty easy to understand and figure out, so I’ll move on to photos on Google+.


      With Google+, you can easily share, and organize photos. By visiting the Google+ website, you can see all the photos from your mobile phone gallery, your albums, photos from your posts, and photos that have been tagged of you.

      In order to automatically see the photos from your phone, you’d have to download the Google+ app for Android, and iPhone. Then, you’ll have to enable instant upload here, if you’re on Android, and here if you’re on iOS.

      Your Google+ photo web page should look similar to this:

      Usually, under a photo, you’d probably see an icon. Because I’m always forgetting, I’ve decided to create an explanation of what those icons mean:

      Everything else about Google photos can be self-taught, so I’ll move on to the last part of this blog post, games.


      Although I haven’t really experimented with it, games for Google+ offers several games, although Facebook offers more. Google+ games seem safer though, you wouldn’t have to give out so much of your information to play.

      The games section features the directory of games, and also a stream. The stream is where you can see what those in your circles are doing while playing games.

       A great feature is that you can choose what game updates to see. If you only want to see who’s scoring something on Angry Birds, you can select Angry Bird updates only.

      Another great feature is that you can control game notifications in your settings. I’ll write more about settings in my last blog posts in this series. After awhile, who wants to get a bunch of Farmville notifications when they’ve never even played the game? Because of this, that feature is a good idea.

      Check back for the last blog post in this series, to officially learn everything you need to know about Google+!