A Review of a Photo Gallery

      After visiting a photo gallery, today I’ve decided to write a review of it.
      The photo assignments were given to some high schoolers. They were told to take a photo of what they would like to do in the future, and to optionally write a paragraph about it. Most wrote a paragraph.

      What was interesting to me was that most of the photos didn’t seem to stand out as much as the paragraph about each one. If you didn’t know that it was a photo assignment, you could be easily confused and think that it was a simple writing assignment. One example was of a girl who wrote that she wanted to be forever happy in the future. Her photo was a simple, black and white self portrait, but to me, the paragraph caught my attention more than the photo:

      It was like that girl was more into writing, rather than photography.

      Most of the photos were average-looking so they did not catch my attention as much what the students wrote about themselves, It seemed as though most of the photos were just taken to complete the assignment. They were definitely not National Geographic-quality photos, but rather simple, easy-to-take pictures. You couldn’t even tell that most were taken by only high schoolers, but maybe even someone younger:

      If I were to taken one of those pictures, I would’ve done something like go to a Google office and take a picture of a slide in there, because my future is in technology and photography. To me, the photo would be eye-catching because what office has a slide in it? You don’t have to be into technology to find a slide in an office interesting. Anyway, enough of my own photo. Let me continue the review.
      One student’s photo was clearly the main focus. It was of a girl talking about her mom. Unlike most, she was working with different kinds of perspectives, and also had her mom pose and wear different outfits for the photo shoots. It also seemed as if she put a lot of effort into the graphic design, with drop shadows and everything:

      It didn’t seem as if it was really about what she wanted to do in the future, though. It could be that in the future, she wants to make her mom proud but, still, to me it didn’t really seem clear what she wants to do in the future.

      There was also another photo that caught my attention because it’s not everyday high school students get on a plane, so that it was different.

      This one slightly caught my attention, but it still looks kind of simple:

      Maybe it’s because I visit Digital Photography School, and I’m constantly reading the opinions of professional photographers. Maybe because I’m just picky. But overall, I give the whole photo gallery 2 to 3 out of five stars.