The Value of “Netiquette”

      Today I learned about the value of “netiquette.” Now that everybody seems to be on social media, it’s good to learn the value of “Netiquette.”
      Netique is, “etiquette practiced or advocated in electronic communication over a computer network,” according to
      Here’s some important ideas:

          Start your message with the right greeting.

      Depending on who you’re talking to, your greeting can seem weird. Pick the right greeting! “Yo yo yo! Wazzup?” may be ok to certain people, but for more serious ones, like maybe your teacher, a simple “hello” may seem better.

    Choose your words carefully.

      Often times, things like emails are misunderstood, and maybe not even fully read. This is because when reading your email, people aren’t talking to you in person. So it’s even more important to choose your words carefully.

    NEVER use caps lock for your letters.

      When writing in capital letters, it can seem as though you’re SCREAMING and YELLING AT SOMEONE, and are VERY UPSET with them. This can seem rude. Would you like it if someone did that to you? I know I wouldn’t. Bold face letters can be perceived as insulting if you’re trying to emphasize a point to someone. Here’s an example. “YOU’RE SOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!” can look more offensive than, “You’re annoying.”

    Don’t write if you’re angry or upset.

      If you’re angry or upset at the moment, you might easily be bothered with someone via social media, and holds things against them. So wait and calm down before writing when you’re angry or upset. If you’re tired, something like an email may not make sense either.

    Posture, posture, posture.

      Personally, I have never noticed this advice about posture making a big difference, but Business 2 Community says this:
“Good posture and sitting upright while on the computer is just as important as brushing your teeth, eating healthy, exercising and getting a good night’s sleep.”

    Respect other people’s privacy, and treat them with respect.

      Don’t be too quick to post a photo of someone so easily; they might not like it. And unless you’re a full-time paparazzi, no one’s going to want to trust you with taking a photo of them, if they know you’ll post it afterwards. If they don’t approve of what you’re going to post, you’ll lose your privileges of snapping a photo, without someone covering their face, because they know you will post it right away. If someone asks you to remove an embarrassing photo, do it right away.
      Don’t bash, mock, or insult someone via social media, especially on their own wall. People might not like that those things are being visible to their Facebook friends. And don’t insult whole groups of people — men, women, old people, young people, etc. It’s immature and could be very, very offensive!
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