Creating Your Own Google Chrome Theme

      Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers today.

      If you’re not in the know, a browser is a computer software that takes you to different websites on the web by entering the URL in it, and selecting “enter” on a keyboard.

      Once installed, Google Chrome automatically has a theme of colors which are often very plain, and dull.

      And who wants to browse the web using a browser with a plain, dull theme?

      A good solution would be to visit the Chrome Web Store, where you can get themes built by Google or various artists for your Google Chrome browser. You can use any image to completely personalize your browser’s theme.

      Here’s how to create your own Google Chrome theme.

      Creating your theme can be done simply by downloading “My Chrome Theme” from the Chrome Web Store. Google built the app that lets you do this.

      With it, you can do something like this.

      Here’s how everyone’s Google Chrome Theme looks like before you make any changes (to see this on your computer open a new tab):

      Here’s what it looks like after a simple change of color:

      You can do cool backgrounds, too.

      When clicking here and installing “My Chrome Theme” you can build a personalized theme very easily. A screenshot of a personalized theme being built using “My Chrome Theme” is the first image shown in this post.

      Remember, your theme is actually for your browser, not anything else like Google’s homepage. So when you select an image, it will not appear behind the logo at You can see your image when you open a new tab or when you launch the browser, provided your homepage is not preconfigured to something like, say, your favorite news site.

      Although “My Chrome Theme” doesn’t let you choose from a wider variety of colors, or use lots of images, there’s also another app called “Theme Creator.”

      Theme Creator lets you have full control of theme personalization, but is not as easy to use as “My Chrome Theme.” It can be installed here.

      A screenshot of this “Theme Creator” app is shown below:

      If you need any help, have any questions, or want to learn more about personalizing Google Chrome, visit: