A Review Of Blogger, Part Two

      Recently I wrote part one of a review of Blogger. You can read that post here. Today I’m writing part two of A Review Of Blogger.
      With Blogger, you can see a lot of statistical information for your blog. This is good particularly if you’re curious who your audience is and where they come from.
      When viewing your blog’s statistics, you can see how many pageviews certain posts have, the referral websites, what browser and computer your visitors are coming from. etc. The statistics page is shown below:

      I mostly like the option of not tracking your own pageviews. This really helps if you’re the type to visit your blog over and over again. If you like, you can get even more detailed statistical information by registering your blog with Google Analytics.
      One problem I noticed with Blogger is that I haven’t really gotten blog visits as easily as with WordPress. I’ve noticed that I would have to share about my blog posts more on social media sites, such as Pinterest. I find WordPress more SEO friendly (search engine friendly.)
      I would give all of Blogger’s statistic features 3 out of 5 stars.
      I would probably say that my absolute, #1 favorite Blogger feature of all is the templates feature. With templates, you can choose different themes (themes is another word for templates) for your blog, built by Google. This includes your blog’s layout (i.e. content, logo, two-column left and right sidebars), fonts, background image (or color), and other stuff. I guess it’s because I’m a graphic designer, but I love customizing (which is like another word for personalizing) my blog, making it creatively unique.

      Google has a small list of templates, but when doing some Google searching, you can find graphic designers who offer other unique Blogger themes you can choose for your blog. If you’re a coder, you can use Blogger’s html/css features to edit your blog’s html and css to your heart’s content. I’ve really had fun with this, but WordPress, another popular blog builder, makes you pay to code your own theme, and pay to purchase a theme. For the average person, this isn’t a big deal, for they might not have a problem sticking with the option of WordPress templates available. Let me get back to the subject of Blogger, though, for writing about WordPress templates is getting off-topic.
      You can even make your blog mobile-optimized. This means that when someone is viewing your blog on a mobile phone, it wouldn’t display awkwardly, as though they were looking at your blog at a smaller desktop screen.
      I give the template section of Blogger 5 out of 5 stars.
Other Features
      I’ve included the most important features to me about Blogger in detail above. I think the rest of the features can pretty much be self-taught.

      There’s nothing much to see with the comments section of Blogger. The earnings section is good if you would like to make money and include ads on your blog. If you go there, you can watch a video, and see a summary of what that’s all about. In your settings, you can edit the title, description, etc.

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