Why Cloud Storage Is Important

      What would happen right now if your computer burned up? If a truck were to crush your laptop? If a tornado blew your desktop away?

      If you rely on your computer’s hard drive and one those things were to happen, you would lose lots of important things. Your photos, your music, your documents, your videos. All of your files. Forever. And ever. That is, unless you use cloud storage.

      And the problem is lots of people don’t. So I decided to write this post, Why Cloud Storage Is Important.

      Cloud storage is backup for your computer files. When you use cloud storage, you can easily upload your files to a website, and they will stay there forever, because a cloud is not your local hard drive. The only thing that could happen is a temporary loss of access to your files in the cloud.

      Once your files are saved in this cloud, you can also download an app (depending on what storage website you’re using) for your phone, so that you can see your stored files on your phone also. This is good, if, for example, you were a landscape company founder, and wanted to show your client some of the work you did. Some of these cloud storage websites also have an iPad and Kindle Fire app. Several of them include my favorites, Dropbox, SugarSync, and Box.

      Dropbox, one of the most famous storage sites, gives you 2GB free of storage once you sign up. If you invite others to join Dropbox and they sign up, also, you can earn up to 16GB. SugarSync gives 5GB of free storage, and Box also gives 5GB free.

      If you were to pay, you can store as much as 1 TB (1,000 GB), depending on which website you choose.

      These websites not only give you safe storage, but also an easy interface to organize your files. Here’s a screenshot of Dropbox:

      Overall, I find them really easy to use. So sign up today at whichever you decide to use, and within minutes, I’m sure you’ll have your files safe and saved in the cloud.

Then you don’t have to worry if a truck was to crush your laptop, if your computer burned up, or If a tornado blew your desktop away.

You can read an e-book, 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web, written by Google, which has more information about cloud storage here.