A Spread Of A Twitter Hack

      Today I learned about a widespread Twitter hack.

      I learned about the hack today once my daddy noticed a message from someone he knows. The message is shown on the top here:

      If you can’t read that message, it says, “Hi some person is saying really bad rumors about you…tinyurl.com/c6lpc68.”

      This “bad rumor” thing was not true at all. The link redirected to a fake, dangerous website called tiwitler.com. When you visit the link, you’re redirected to a page that looks just like Twitter. It asks for your Twitter username and password! My daddy didn’t give any information away because he suspected it was a hack. He thought that because he was already logged into Twitter.
I thought that sometimes, for password protection reasons, Twitter would sign you out and make you re-type your password, similar to lots of websites. My daddy then looked carefully and noticed the URL was tiwitler.com and not twitter.com. He Googled tiwitler.com and found an article (the article is written below in this post) which talks more about the fake website.

      The fake website has actually gotten lots of people’s usernames and passwords, so again, the hack is widespread. When the website gets this information, they will most likely send that person’s followers a direct message similar to the one my daddy got, like they did to lots of other people. So be careful and look at URLS directly, and make sure you’re visiting the right website. For example, instead of google.com, a website may be googgle.com designed to look like Google and get your information somehow.

      You can learn more about this by reading this article: