A Review of the Nova Elements iPad app

      Today I learned about the Nova Elements iPad app.

      The Nova Elements iPad app is an app that lets you try to figure out which protons, neutrons, and electrons to use to create an element. The app also contains an interactive digital periodic table of elements. You can click on an element to learn more about it, and to see a photo of it. I like the fact that you can easily tweet the information about the elements so that others can learn about them, too.

      Another thing included in the app is a two-hour Nova program called “Hunting the Elements.” I didn’t watch the two-hour Nova program because I was interested in trying out the interactive features. You can also watch the program here. (I will review the show in a future blog post.)

      When I first opened the app, I was annoyed that I heard audio right away. I think many people do not want to have to worry about audio automatically playing — they could be listening to other audio. This is the same with websites. Most people want to have the choice of turning audio on, not having it played automatically. Also, the repetitiveness of the audio is probably the most annoying thing about the app to me.

      I also didn’t like the fact that the app seemed kind of confusing. I think you have to know a little bit about the elements in order to use the app otherwise you will be lost on what to do. Fortunately, I read a book about the elements before playing with the app. That’s why the two-hour program is there, for people to learn. Once you learn, it can seem kind of easy.

      So if you’re really interested in the elements and you’re using the Nova Elements app, you would probably want to have different kinds of levels and choices of elements to build. It could be similar to the Angry Birds app. Right now you can build the elements which make up a watch, a shirt, a banana, and coffee. These are the only four items offered by David Pogue, a tech writer and who has hosted many PBS shows. It would have been more interesting if more items were available.

      For educational purposes, I think the app can help someone memorize the elements. I also think that the Nova Elements app is more interesting than just reading a book about the periodic table.

      Click on this link at the bottom so you can download this app: