How to get your first 400 followers on Pinterest

      Pinterest is an online pinboard with over a million users. After being on Pinterest for over a month and getting 420+ followers, I have learned the 6 most important things to do to get so many followers on Pinterest.

1. Follow lots of people.

      Sometimes the easiest and quickest way to get followers is to start following some people and not wait for people to follow you. Look for people who are following more people than they have following them. These people are usually the best people to follow because they most likely will follow you back.

2. Follow your followers back.

      If you haven’t already, you should follow your followers back. Sometimes your followers will unfollow you if you don’t follow them, like other social media platforms. This is because sometimes people only follow people for followers, although some follow you mainly for your content.

3. Pin original content.

      I’ve noticed that when I pin a photo that looks creative to me but has already been re-pinned hundreds of times, it usually doesn’t get re-pinned. Those photos are already all over the Internet and have already been seen by lots of people. I’ve noticed that boards with my own original, unique photos have had the most followers. This doesn’t mean not to re-pin anything creative at all. It just means not to pin a creative photo that has already been seen a lot. I noticed that one of my boards which I said would just be my original content got over 100 followers instantly before I even pinned more than two photos.
      If someone pins original content, they’re probably OK with your re-pinning it. If you repin content from a website, by using a browser plug-in, for example, then you might have to worry about copyright violations.
      Pinterest recently changed its terms of service to make it clear that it has no intention of taking your original photos and selling them. Read my post here for more about that.

4. Think of a creative board name.

      Thinking of a creative board name can sometimes help with getting followers, although it’s not always necessary. I noticed that when you create a board with a name that most boards don’t have people are very likely to follow it. The content has to be useful to them, though.

5. Make your board content useful to its followers.

      This is one of the most important things to do. Some people are only on Pinterest for useful content. For example, some people might go on Pinterest just for information on graphic design, or on cooking recipes. If your board isn’t all that useful, your followers won’t think it’s all that necessary to follow, especially if you’re not following them back.

6. Stay active on Pinterest.

      If, for example, you pin even 50 photos and don’t pin anything else for over a month, you’re most likely not going to get a lot of followers. I’ve noticed that people who are constantly pinning useful and creative content get followers quicker than those who do the same except not very often.
      You can’t be on there 24/7, but don’t just leave your boards empty and sad and lonely!