Today I learned about StoryJumper.

      StoryJumper is a website where you can create your own book or read other books created with StoryJumper. StoryJumper is for all kids, ages 1 to 92. When you’re done creating a book, you can share it via email or print a hardcover book at the starting price of $24.95.

      Within minutes I was able to sign up, create a book, and email it instantly. I think StoryJumper is very easy to understand and use. It’s free to use, and doesn’t have any advertisements.

      With StoryJumper, you choose from lots of illustrations and scenes to add to your book. You can also upload photos from your computer onto your book, and you can search for photos on Flickr. These options are circled in red and are shown below:

      There are only two things I don’t like about StoryJumper. I don’t like that you can only email or print your story. This means that you can’t embed the book to a website.

      I also don’t like that it costs $25 minimum to print a hardcover book. To me it isn’t worth getting a hardcover book about 20 pages long for that price.

      Overall, StoryJumper is a good website. I give StoryJumper 4 out of 5 stars.

      You can create your own book using StoryJumper at: