Today I learned that a tarantula bite won’t necessarily kill you.

     If a tarantula bites someone the person should go to the hospital, but tarantula bites are not known to be deadly. According to a lady handling a tarantula in downtown Chicago today, tarantula bites are most serious for people over 90 and babies and toddlers.

     When I saw the tarantula I couldn’t believe how big the spider was but I still managed to take a picture of it (see above). Although I didn’t think it was scary when I saw it in downtown Chicago, if I saw one of those creepy things crawling in my house I would freak out. I would jump and tell my daddy to kill it. It would be spooky to see a huge spider on the wall.

     My daddy wouldn’t kill it, though. He likes spiders because they eat the other insects. I think he secretly wants to be Spider-Man.

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