The Importance Of Learning US History

      Today I learned more about the importance of learning history.

      Author Joy Hakim of the A History Of US says that the study of history is important because it is the story of your own story, and the story of your country. She believes that history is important to Americans in particular. This is because most Americans do not share a common background. In most nations, the citizens have a common background, and usually worship in the same church.

      Joy wrote in her book:

      “I believe the United States of America is the most remarkable nation that has ever existed. No other nation, in the history of the world, has ever provided so much freedom, so much justice, and so much opportunity to so many people.”

      Although America has made some mistakes, such as slavery, and still makes mistakes, Joy still believes it’s the best country in the world because “usually this nation can, and does, correct its mistakes.”

      If someone told this author, “All nations make mistakes, so no nation is better than any other nation!” I think she would say that because America is based on a better idea than other nations, so she still thinks it’s the best. She says in her book that America was created by people who wanted liberty, justice, and opportunity. She didn’t say that about other countries.

      Source used:
A History of Us 3rd Edition by Joy Hakim