Wang Yani

      Today I learned about the painter Wang Yani.

      Wang Yani is a Chinese artist who’s work was exhibited in many places. When Wang Yani was only four years old her paintings were exhibited for the first time. After that, her work has also been exhibited in many other places including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. C., when she was 14 years old. You can watch a video about her above.

      Ever since she was little, Yani had seen her father paint. Seeing this, she decided to start painting herself. She went from scribbles to great work, and she began to love art so much. Although her work was in so many exhibitions, Yani never had any art lessons or was forced to draw anything by her father. Her father discouraged the teachers at school from teaching her. He said they would only stifle his daughter’s imagination and prevent her from being creative.

      When Yani was little her first art subjects were monkeys. This happened once her father took her to the zoo. Yani was amused by the monkeys so much. She watched them for hours. She even painted 112 monkeys once with different postures and expressions when she was only nine! As she got older, though, her subjects expanded from only monkeys to birds, trees, horses, lions, flowers, landscapes, and more.

      When doing her art, Yani often spilled ink onto a paper and painted in tentative painting strokes. Most of her paintings were done in less than a half hour, although some were done in about 40 minutes. Yani sometimes kept wanting to paint at bedtime and just told her mother she wanted to finish just one more painting.

      When she was 16 years old, Yani had done over 10,000 paintings. She had even exceeded and eclipsed her father’s fame as an artist.

      You can learn more about her with this book, which is one of the things I read about her: