Learning More About My Camera

      Today I learned more about the Kodak Z990.

      The first new thing I learned is that with the camera you can change the brightness of the flash. Without changing the settings of the flash you might overexpose or underexpose a picture because the camera doesn’t always set the perfect settings on its own.

      I also learned that my camera really does need to get used to cold weather in order for the battery not to die very quickly. At the beginning of the day, I noticed the batteries died quickly, but at the end of the day, when the camera acclimated to the cold, they seemed to last longer.

      The last thing I learned was also about battery life. I had the Sandisk 2GB SD card with lots of pictures in my camera. My battery life was almost dead, so I charged the batteries. I then put the pictures in the SD card into the computer. I then took the batteries that were charging for only a few minutes and they were then put into the camera again and were 100% charged. The battery life seems like it will last longer without a lot of pictures on the SD card.

      Here is a picture I took with the camera: