Today I learned a lot about Pinterest.

      Pinterest, launched in 2009, is a website where users can pin (post) their photos and videos unto their own online pinboards (galleries). Here is an example of a pinboard called Favorite Pictures:

      On Pinterest users can search other pins, pinboards, and users. If a user sees a pin they like, they can repin it, meaning they can add the pin unto their own pinboard, they can like a pin, and they can comment on a pin. On the right is an example of a pin with the options repin and like.

      Users can also follow a pinboard. When a user follows a pinboard they will instantly see on the Pinterest homepage when someone pins something new to that pinboard. For example, if you followed a pinboard called Cameras, you would see all the pictures in that pinboard that were pinned on the Pinterest homepage when you’re logged in. This is similar to when you friend someone on Facebook. When you friend someone on Facebook, you will see their posts in your news feed.

I think Pinterest is a really good website especially if you’re a photographer. Within minutes I had people liking and repining my photos. You can probably get more views on your photos and videos on Pinterest than if you were to start a blog. I think it is also good if you have a business. You can share photos of your work and people might eventually buy from you.

You can learn more about Pinterest here: