How (not) to bake a cake

      Today I learned how to burn a cake.

      Today was the first time I have ever tried to bake a cake, and I thought it would be great. It seemed as if I was doing everything right until I had to crack the eggs. The instructions on the box were simple enough, but I was never good at cracking eggs. We only had three eggs in the fridge, which was lucky because we needed just three eggs to bake the cake. Because I usually don’t crack eggs hard enough, I cracked the first egg really hard against a container. The yolk slid through the cracked shell to the garbage can below the counter. Ugh, I only had two eggs left! If I didn’t make the same mistake with the last two eggs, I would still be one egg short of what the recipe required. I didn’t think that would make much of a difference, so I still continued pouring and mixing and doing everything else. It looked as though I was doing those things right until it came time to baking the cake.

      I can’t remember the last time I turned the oven on. This time I just had to make sure that arrow was pointing to 350 degrees fahrenheit. My daddy then put the cake into the oven and we then waited for the cake to bake.

      After about 20 minutes, my mom starting sniffing the air. She said, “I think I smell cake burning.” I then told my daddy, “It’s only been 20 minutes. It shouldn’t be burning now.” My daddy agreed. He and I didn’t smell it burning. Only my mom did. Not believing her, we waited until 35 minutes passed before checking the cake.
      When he was in the kitchen, my daddy also began to smell the cake, which we found out was burnt like my mom suspected. My daddy then took the cake out of the oven, and we saw a dark brown cake with parts of it in black. My daddy quickly opened the windows and one of the doors. I saw the worst cake that was ever made. Ok, ok, so it wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t the greatest cake ever.

No, that’s not frosting. That’s what the side looked like. It was completely black.

This isn’t frosting either. This is a black burnt part of the cake.

Even though it was burnt, we practically ate the whole thing. Waste not, not want.

      Maybe I set the temperature higher than 350 degrees fahrenheit. It seemed as though unless you do everything perfect and follow the directions, you will learn how (not) to bake a cake.