Al Capone died today …

      Today I learned that on this day in 1947 Al Capone died.

      Capone, born on January 17, 1899 and died on January 25, 1947, is a well-known criminal and gangster of Chicago during the Prohibition era. Prohibition was when the U.S. government banned alcohol. Al Capone took “advantage of a new opportunity to make money smuggling illegal alcoholic beverages into the city during Prohibition.”

      Al Capone was believed to be the person who ordered the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre took place on February 14, 1929. The massacre was when two people pretended and dressed up like police, and went to some gangsters near a garage at 2122 North Clark St. in Chicago. Seven gangsters stood by a wall where all seven of them were shot and killed by men who were with the fake cops. The massacre was thought to be Capone’s strike back at a North Side gang.

      I have been around that area in Chicago on Clark Street but I have never been to that exact location where the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred, but I did see it on Google Maps. I think that the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre is very crazy, but that’s why Chicago is known for gangsters.

      The Chicago History Museum website states:

      “In 1931, Capone was indicted for income tax evasion for the years 1925-29. He was also charged with the misdemeanor of failing to file tax returns for the years 1928 and 1929. The government charged that Capone owed $215,080.48 in taxes from his gambling profits. A third indictment was added, charging Capone with conspiracy to violate Prohibition laws from 1922-31. Capone pleaded guilty to all three charges in the belief that he would be able to plea bargain. However, the judge who presided over the case, Judge James H. Wilkerson, would not make any deals. Capone changed his pleas to not guilty. Unable to bargain, he tried to bribe the jury but Wilkerson changed the jury panel at the last minute.”

      He ended up being sent to jail for 11 years.

One of the places Al Capone lived in was the Lexington Hotel on 22nd St., in Chicago. In 1995 The Lexington Hotel shut down and remained an empty lot until the Lexington Park Condominiums were completed on the same location in 2008.

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