John Wycliffe

      Today I learned a lot about John Wycliffe.

      In the Middle Ages only scholars and other well-educated people could read Latin, and the Bible was only in Latin for a long time. The Roman Catholic Church did not want the people to read the Bible in their language for fear that the people would start reading the Bible without the authority of the Church. In the 1380’s John Wycliffe, a speaker and teacher of religion, translated the Bible into English so that his people could read it for themselves. Because he spoke against the selfish men in the Catholic church offices, John Wycliffe was known as the Morning Star of the Reformation. Like the morning star at dawn, he was the beginning of the recovery of the gospel.

      Today the Wycliffe Bible Translators named after John Wycliffe go around the world translating the Bible into different languages. You can find a copy of the Wycliffe translation of the Bible here.