Claude Monet

      Today I learned a lot about the Claude Monet after visiting the Art Institute in Chicago.

      Claude Monet was a French painter who lived in the 1800’s. All of his paintings were very different from the paintings done before. At that time, the style of art was to paint carefully. Monet hated that, so he decided to do new kinds of paintings without worrying about them being painted carefully so much. Monet’s paintings looked smeared and sloppy close up, but from far they look clear. I think that is very interesting that Monet did paintings like that. These paintings Monet did were called Impressionism. At the time of Claude Monet, hardly anyone bought Monet’s paintings, because people thought it looked smeared. At that time lots of people thought you should stick to doing neat paintings without smears. Today however, some people would pay millions to get a Claude Monet painting.

      Here are some of Claude Monet’s impressionist paintings:

Water Lilies, 1906

Haystacks, (sunset), 1890–1891

Weeping Willow, 1918–1919

Train in the Snow, 1875
Source: Wikipedia

      You can see that the Impressionism style is being used because of the smears in the pictures. You can learn more about Claude Monet and Impressionism at these three websites and others: