Today I learned a lot about two types of telescopes, the refracting and reflecting telescopes.

      The refracting telescope is the earliest recorded optical telescope ever made in 1609. The refracting telescope uses lenses to gather light and form an image. An astronomer named Galileo was the first person to make great use of the refracting telescope in 1609 after making his own. He found out that the surface of the moon was not smooth, the Milky Way was made up of countless stars and he noticed dark spots on the sun. No one knew about these things before Galileo discovered it, because they were not visible without a telescope. This was very interesting to me, to learn that a long time ago people didn’t even know those things that are considered basic today.

      The reflecting telescope was invented in 1668 by Sir Isaac Newton. Unlike the refracting telescope, this telescope uses a single or combination of curved mirrors that reflect light and form an image. Astronomers usually prefer reflecting telescopes over refracting telescopes because mirrors are cheaper and can be made much larger than lenses.

      Telescopes are one of the most important tools for astronomers. Telescopes help so much not only by increasing the size of an object so we can see it better but by increasing the light also. Today astronomers have made so many more improvements and have created so many different kinds of telescopes.

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