Samsung SL30 Review

      Today I learned a lot about the Samsung SL30 camera after spending several hours with it, shooting pictures indoors and out. The Samsung SL30 is a 10.2 mega pixel camera with 3x zoom which can be purchased for $80 at Amazon.

      This camera isn’t completely bad. The one I have was purchased only six months ago. It includes a two-gigabyte SD card.

      After taking thirty outdoor pictures in less than two hours today, the batteries died. I was very surprised and disappointed by this.

Even after using a camera feature that supposedly removes blurriness from a picture, a few pictures I took still came out blurry. Here are some of those pictures and others taken with the Samsung SL30. None of the pictures were edited other than cropped and resized.

I don’t know what happened here. A dark picture with a super bright sun.

This was a blurry picture; otherwise, it’s a good one.

This picture wasn’t so bad except for the fact that it’s too dark even though it was taken on a bright day.

This is yet another blurry picture.

I zoomed in to the max (3x) on this picture for nothing. It is another picture that came out blurry. You can barely see the four ducks.

This camera isn’t for me, but you still might like it if you don’t mind carrying a lot of batteries with you and you just want to take pictures that are just OK, not great.


There are also still some pros to the camera, like the amount of settings there are. It’s also a fast camera when it turns on and off and when you’re viewing your photos on it. The screen is also bright and easy to read. The camera also has a convenient help menu. I think I’d give this a three out of five stars rating.

If you’re looking to purchase an inexpensive camera, there are many others besides this one, of course. I would suggest visiting Amazon here.