Kindle Fire Review

      Today I learned a lot about the new $199 Kindle Fire Tablet from Amazon after trying some things on it for the first time.The Kindle Fire was not at all difficult to understand, it’s a very simple tablet. The Kindle Fire has a good resolution, and it’s very responsive, unlike the Nook Tablet, which is not so responsive when you touch it.  The Kindle Fire is a bit thick; it’s about two times the thickness of the iPad 2. Still it’s not so bad. The size of the Kindle Fire’s screen isn’t so bad unless I’m watching a movie on it.I don’t really like watching a movie on the Kindle Fire, but it’s not that bad. The screen is small, and with some movies the screen size is no different than watching a movie on an iPhone, but other movies are displayed in wide screen. The picture is clear, though, and the volume is very loud and clear. I actually think that the volume is almost better than the volume on the original iPad.

     I like the photo gallery app in the Kindle Fire. What you see is a bunch of albums, and you can pinch to zoom and see all the photos in an album. I like the fact that you can easily crop, get information, and share photos. It’s like the iPad photo gallery app, but not as great, but I think it’s still better than the Nook Tablet’s photo gallery app.

     I think that the Kindle Fire’s book app is actually better than the iPad. The Kindle Fire has even more options than the iPad for reading books. There are nearly 10 different fonts to choose from, you can change the background of your book to white, black, or sepia, you can change your font size, and you can darken and brighten the screen. There are also some great apps for certain books that make reading more than reading. Some of them felt like I was watching a movie, because of the fact that the cartoons were moving, and that I was able to click and things would happen to the book.

     Although I was not able to try it myself, I think that the Kindle Fire’s “silk browser” sounds pretty good. It’s supposed to be superfast because it stores some of the sites you visit in the cloud. One of the things I think that is important on a tablet is having Adobe Flash. Flash is a certain code that makes some websites work, like game sites, so without it, some websites will display poorly or you might not even be able to do anything at all on those sites. The iPad does not have Flash, because Apple thinks that Flash is too slow and a battery hog.  However, the Kindle Fire has Flash, which I think is a better thing to do because there are still a lot of websites that use Flash. That’s one thing I really like about the browser but, again, I was not able to test it myself on the tablet I had.

     And lastly, I also very much like the free cloud storage Amazon gives to its users. This is one feature that can go against Apple’s iPad, because Apple wants you to pay for their cloud storage.

     Overall, I think the Kindle Fire is pretty good considering it’s at such a low price of $200, and that it’s Amazon’s very first tablet. And that’s all I have to say about the Kindle Fire.


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  1. You are correct when you say that Adobe flash is important in a tablet. That’s the one thing that I do not like about the ipad.

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