My favorite website builder

    Today I am writing about my personal experiences using Yola, my favorite website builder. Yola is a free website builder with over 6 million users. It’s my favorite way to build a website because of all of the things they let you do. It’s also very easy to use and understand.

     Two of the most important things you need if you want to have a large public website is that it can handle a large amount of traffic to your site without shutting down and you can create an unlimited amount of pages. Yola’s free vesion lets you do this, but some website builders don’t. Some website builders such as Dreamhost make you pay to keep your website on the Internet if you want unlimited bandwith. Those two are my top favorite features of Yola.

     Yola also lets you customize your website design with a seemingly endless amount of options. They let you expand beyond just choosing from the “Yola styles,” which is how they refer to their designs. Yola lets you change the background image and color of your page, they let you change your banner image, etc. And also, if you know how to write code, you can completely change the website design and you can rebuild and create your own design from scratch, but you have to pay to completely build a design out of scratch. Those are just a few things I like about Yola, but they have many more features and they are also creating more features all the time. One of the ones I can’t wait for is coming out in 2012. It’s a feature that will make your website look good on a mobile devices which is very important given the number of mobile users growing. I also hear that Yola has great support, much better than Weebly, although I myself have never tried contacting Yola.

     (I guess I just never needed tech support.)

     There are still things I would change about Yola, because Yola is not perfect. I would like to create a register and login script, and also a script where certain website visitors can email each-other. I would also like to be able to have a different username and passwords when I password protect more than one of my pages. I would like a website visitor to have access to only one password protected page and not all password protected pages. Also, I would like to pay and remove the Yola advertisements at the bottom of all the pages only and not pay more to upgrade to the Yola Silver package. The Yola Silver Package is the only way I can remove the Yola banner ad at the bottom of all pages, but I would like to have a free web site and only pay to remove the Yola advertisement individually, like Yola used to allow people to do.

     After spending more than a year working with Yola, I can still say that I highly recommend it.

So visit today and start your own website!