No, Your Eyes Are Not Playing Tricks On You

      Today I learned about vector art.

      Vector art is the format a computer graphic needs to be in order for it to be printed on large items such as a banners or T-shirts.  Before I thought you could just print a computer graphic as a regular web format and it could go on something really big like a banner.

      I learned that you need a certain software to do this because only a certain software will let you save your graphic in a printable vector art format. The reason why you need to save a graphic in a vector art format to print is because if you put a graphic in a web format to print on a large item, it would look pixelated like this:

when it should look clear like this:

This is very important to know if you offer something like a logo design because sometimes your customers will want to be able to print their logo, and not just add it to a website, so you should give them their logo in  a web format and a vector format to print their logo.
You can learn more about vector art here: