The Oldest Cave Paintings Ever Discovered

Today I learned about the “greatest discovery” ever made in prehistoric art:

In 1994, three people accidentally found a cave in France. At first the cave didn’t seem like anything special. But when the people went inside, they found cave paintings.

Those paintings turned out to be 32,000 years old — making them  the oldest paintings ever discovered!

At first it was hard for people to believe that the paintings were really prehistoric art because they seemed new and pristine. But then some tests proved that they were not done by someone who just painted them recently.

Most of the paintings were of animals and some were just a bunch of red dots (hand prints).

What was interesting to me is that to do art at that time 32,000 years ago, they drew an animal with many legs to make it seem as if they were running. They also used the parts of the caves sticking out to make some of the paintings look like they were popping out. Some of the animals painted were horses, panthers, and rhinoceroses.

You can watch a documentary of the Chauvet Cave in France on Netflix.

I’ll be back Monday!